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Marketing and communication are my great passion! My name is Leif Neugebohrn and I advise politicians, companies, governments and organizations and help to persuade people. I own two big German blogs about political communication and marketing, photography and videos. Based in Hamburg, Northern Germany, I have clients all over the world as a consultant and speaker.

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The new problem for US election campaigners (and what we in the EU should learn from it)

November 28, 2019

The American campaigners are currently facing a major problem: their most powerful weapon is being snatched from them. At a conference on political marketing in Washington, I felt a massive change in mood among US campaign consultants. In Europe, too, we can learn something from this.

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Magnetic Politics

I dream of politics which excites, inspires and transports people. A concept of politics that communicates a system of values and takes a stand on its identity and offers people a promise for the future. In fact, I have a dream of politics that attracts people magnetically. This is why I have developed the concept of Magnetic Politics.

Politics is communication. In a democracy, the various forms of communication are an integral part of politics. Whether public relations, holistic marketing or a concrete election campaign - we always need communication. Only in this way can politicians and political parties convince people of their ideas, their competence, and their trustworthiness. This is the only way we can organize majorities. Political communication is therefore inherently democratic.

Inspiring and convincing people

The political disenchantment and the deep aversion to political parties and politicians displayed by many people do not depress just me, but each and everyone who is genuinely committed to politics. But we can do something about that. I have identified three main areas in which we have to make a start so that we can inspire and convince people anew.


The main problem of politics is that politicians and political parties often believe that they are acting in the interest of the people. However, they fail to really attract their attention. We have to find a way of addressing people which generates their interest in our messages and ideas. When voters delve into our content of their own free will, it's then, and only then that we have the chance to convince them.


We need a clear political profile and a recognizable offer for voters. But this is of little use if we are not in a position to communicate this clearly. Effective tools and communicative strategies already exist which we can apply to urge people to agree with our ideas and proposals. Let's use them!


Politics is all about trust and character. Unfortunately, many politicians come across in a disastrously wrong way in their public relations work and end up scaring off voters rather than convincing them. The point is that we only need to bear a few easy methods in mind to make communication more humane - and that's where I come in and where my assistance can be effective!

Goal-oriented work

Political public relations should never become an end in itself. We need clear objectives and then the most efficient strategy possible to achieve them. Magnetic Politics involves bringing our methods into focus rather than allowing them to distract people from our political message. I personally work in an extremely goal-oriented way. Let's put an end to the principle of chance in public relations and let's line up a good plan.

A holistic strategy

Today, we have to align all marketing and public relations measures holistically with a common strategy. The times in which the operation of different channels - such as online marketing and analogous public relations - could coexist completely independently of each other are long gone. We must join forces and unite all our methods in a common thread. We cannot win without a holistic strategy.

This is Magnetic Politics

Politics becomes magnetic for people when we present our political ideas and values with great persuasiveness. Politics is unbelievably exciting and determines people's everyday lives much more than most people suspect. This is what we have to bring across to people. Let's put politics on center stage! I would like to offer you my help in achieving this end regardless of whether you are a single candidate or whether you would like to bring your party forward. Let's design and implement an effective communication strategy together!